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4 Major Benefits to Vejo's Cold Brew Coffee

4 Major Benefits to Vejo's Cold Brew Coffee

Meet Vejo's Cold Brew Coffee Blend

The daily grind meets its match with our Cold Brew Coffee. This medium roast Arabica blend kicks things up a notch by offering robust flavor and just the right amount of buzz to boot. A daily routine staple for many!

Get to know the science-backed benefits:

  1. Pre-Workout Aid: Not only can coffee improve alertness and energy levels before a workout, but as a mild nervous system stimulant, caffeine has been shown to increase time to exhaustion and delay perceptions of fatigue aiding in physical performance.
  2. Speed up metabolism: Studies have linked coffee to reducing body fat. This may be connected to the potential of caffeine in coffee speeding up metabolism, which may utilize more calories and cause a decrease in body fat.
  3. Brain Boost: Caffeine may help with increasing focus, improving mental alertness, and reducing risk of cognitive decline.
  4. Heart Health: Moderate consumption of coffee has been linked to overall lower risk of cardiovascular disease. This may be due to the phenolic compounds found in coffee.

With 190mg, our blend is energizing and antioxidant-rich. Cold Brew Coffee is the perfect way to jumpstart your morning, boost your brain before a study session, or gear up for some exercise!

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