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3 Vejo Health Hacks From Celebrity Trainer, Brett Hoebel

3 Vejo Health Hacks From Celebrity Trainer, Brett Hoebel

Many of us are constantly looking for the newest health hacks that will not only support our nutrition and wellbeing, but also fit seamlessly into our daily lives with ease. We created Vejo on a foundation of doctor-formulated blends and years of science-backed research so that you could conveniently enjoy pre-made powders that are ready to drink in 30 seconds.

And that's why we love to hear how health professionals use Vejo blends in unique and purposeful ways that enhance their daily routines. Enter Brett Hoebel!

A little about Brett:

Brett Hoebel was a celebrity trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, author and creator of The 20 minute Body, and founder of Sweat With Soul.  He is an established fitness and motivation expert who was named one of the world’s “Top 100 Health & Fitness Influencers.” Once an overweight teen and now a lifelong martial artist practicing the Brazilian martial art-dance Capoeira, Brett has a body-positive fitness philosophy “fit isn’t a look... it’s a feeling."

Can we get an amen? YES! Now, let's jump right into his favorite health hacks using Vejo!

1. Break up with Sugar 💔 It’s been 6 months since Brett said goodbye to processed sugar. One of his primo replacements has been his Vejo smoothies. Why? Vejo blends have zero added sugar, which means it's 100% natural sugar from fruits and veggies. The natural fiber helps to curb those sneaky cravings and balance blood sugar. And the plant protein helps keep your belly nice and full! Win. Win. Win. "It’s been a game changer to keep me processed sugar-free!"


2. Upgrade Caffeine Routine 🍵 Brett isn't against coffee, but he needed a change and wanted something that still gave him energy in the morning that didn’t leave him hungry. "Big gains for me switching my coffee to Matcha." His energy levels are more consistent and his sleep is much deeper. He also adds Plant-Based Vanilla Protein —combining the two allows for more sustained energy and satiation. * Pro-tip: The Vejo blender is KEY because it froths the protein like a latte! Yum!


3. Travel With Vejo ✈️   Vejo was one of his creature comforts he took with him to stay on his nutrition game when he traveled to Mexico. He took the cordless and portable blender on the plane (TSA-approved), to yoga, the gym, the beach, his scooter, and his hotel. "That little blender and those blends saved my 🍑 when I needed something quick and healthy." 

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