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A photo of the evening sun shining on a field at Stahlbush Farms.

5 Reasons Vejo's Tart Berry Blend Is Good For You + The Planet

Good nutrition starts with intentionality. You not only need to know what food you’re eating but also how that food was cultivated. And that’s not always easy to decipher by reading labels at the grocery store. That’s why our blends, specifically our Pacific Northwest Tart Berry blend, are designed to keep you healthy without you needing to be a nutritionist at the same time.

At Vejo, we’re exceptionally picky about the ingredients we use in our products, which means we’re also picky about the farmers we partner with. To create our Tart Berry blend, we partnered with Oregon’s famed Stahlbush Farms. As the first farm ever to be certified sustainable by the Food Alliance, they’ve been at the forefront of responsible agriculture for more than 30 years. 

Let’s explore why the combination of Stahlbush Farms’ integrity and Vejo’s commitment to quality can translate to your daily life. 

Here are 5 reasons our Pacific Northwest Tart Berry blend is good for you + the planet:

  1. Create a New Healthy Habit with Tart Berry’s Delicious Taste

Let’s be honest, sustainable nutrition starts with taste. It's hard to make a habit of eating something that tastes like cardboard. Luckily, our Tart Berry blend is as tasty as it is nutritious. Our blend is a sweet/tart explosion featuring a mixture of marionberry, blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry. It’s the perfect balance, not too heavy and not too light.

And, this incredible taste is a marvel of modern innovation. Stahlbush Farms picks their fruit at peak freshness using incredible technology, which means you’re getting only the tastiest ingredients. They use machinery that vibrates the plants at a specific frequency, releasing only the berries that are ready to fall from the vine. Then, they’re quickly frozen the same day to lock in taste and nutrition before it begins to degrade. 


  1. Build Your Immunity With Nutrient-Rich Produce 

Of course, taste and nutrition must go hand-in-hand, and it turns out the same technology that maintains the freshness of our blend also safeguards its nutrients. When produce is left to the elements, sunlight and weather begin to eat away at its nutritional value. But, by freeze-drying ingredients at peak freshness, Stahlbush Farms is ensuring every pod you put in your Vejo blender is consistently good for you. 

The result? You get a blend that’s built to keep you active and healthy throughout your week. Our Tart Berry blend is packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, and naturally occurring enzymes—and, just like our other blends, is gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and completely plant-based with no added sugar. 


  1. Tart Berry is Grown Certified Sustainable

We have a personal and cultural responsibility to do better—for ourselves and for our planet. It’s essential that we partner with farms who share our commitment to sustainability, and Stahlbush exemplifies this in every way. Because they’re certified sustainable, you can rest easy knowing there are no pesticides involved, and their crops are consistently replanted in new areas to maintain a nutrient-rich environment.

Plus, Stahlbush’s methodology reduces the amount of food waste. At grocery stores, food is picked before it's ripe and up to 40% of food never makes it to your plate. But, our partners at Stahlbush use their technology to pick only the ripest fruits, so they can keep more food on the plant to pick when it’s ready. When you pair all of this with our biodegradable pods, you’re creating a healthy routine, with less environmental impact, that makes the most of our precious foods.


A woman holding a metal tin of freshly picked vegetables.


  1. Support Local Farming Communities and Their Practices


All of these points—the taste, nutrition, and sustainability—are for naught if there aren’t responsible farmers to make them a reality. With every blend you purchase, including our Tart Berry blend, you’re helping to support local farms and local families. Stahlbush Farms is owned and operated by real people (hi Bill and Carla!), not some faceless corporation. Their work brings valuable produce and dollars into their community, located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.


It’s important to think of this as an investment. And guess what—investments generally have a return! By supporting local farms and farmers with your health routine, you’re creating a brighter future for agriculture, our planet, and yourself. 


  1. Use Our Tart Berry Blend Any Way You See Fit

In the end, everything we do at Vejo is meant to make health and nutrition simpler. Need a dessert substitute or an after-workout snack? Our Pacific Northwest Tart Berry blend is just one of the many blends that can make your day simpler and healthier. It’s a great option to start or end your day—proving a small package that can make a huge difference in the way you think about nutrition. Just one pod of Tart Berry contains over three cups of antioxidant-rich berries.


A rotating photo of Vejo's Tart Berry blend in an 8-pack, smoothie view, pod label and deconstructed berries.


The key to lasting nutrition and health is personal sustainability—creating habits and methods you can use over and over again. With Vejo’s Tart Berry blend, we’re delivering it to you in a small, but incredibly powerful, package.

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