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A Sunshine State of Mind is The New Normal with Mood Boost

A Sunshine State of Mind is The New Normal with Mood Boost

Learn how our Mood Boost blend works to naturally support the brain’s ability to regulate mood while providing an immune boost and essential vitamins.


Whole-body health for better days

Positively impacting mental health means delivering total support for the mind and body. With this in mind, we partnered with doctors to create a blend that supports chemical balance in the brain, promotes a healthy stress response, and provides an overall immune-boost. Our blend of science-backed ingredients from nature will have you thriving in a sunshine state of mind.

The bountiful science-backed ingredients

Mood Boost is backed by research, showcasing the powers of ingredients from our abundant planet. This blend leans on balancing adaptogens rhodiola, ashwagandha, and ginseng for total stress support. Adaptogenic plants are ancient medicinal herbs known for their ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body, resulting in sharper cognitive performance, calm but focused energy, and an improved feeling of well-being. We included essential vitamins B1, B3, B6, and Vitamin D to support serotonin-synthesis, immune-function, bone health, and overall mood. Each pod also contains bioavailable curcumin, which aids feel-good neurotransmitters and L-theanine to replace anxious feelings with balanced energy. This doctor-formulated blend of ingredients provides an excellent foundation to tackle modern stressors on the daily. 

The result: A more balanced you

Designed for good feels in the present and future. Science says that balance (homeostasis) exists within us, and Mood Boost works to support that balance rather than alter it, promoting long-term benefits rather than a short-term fix. The focus on balance and stability influenced each ingredient chosen for this blend - the result is sustained energy without the jitters, calm feelings without drowsy side effects, and reduced mental and physical fatigue. Added perk: drinking Mood Boost means treating yourself to the refreshing tropical flavors of mango and banana, rounding out the sunshine taste and look.

Learn more on Mood Boost by visiting the Mood Boost blend page. Ready to upgrade your normal? Commit to less stress and happier days by experiencing our Mood Boost blend today. 

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