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Harness the Immunity-Building Power of Mushrooms

Harness the Immunity-Building Power of Mushrooms

As we all think about immune health more than ever, it turns out one of the best immunostimulants has been hiding right under our nose in its natural form. 


BFG-Immune beta-glucans may sound complicated, but they’re actually a naturally derived source of immune support found in mushrooms. In plain English, the beta-glucans in our Immunity Fuel blend (Immunity Fuel Orange) are powerful, all-natural ingredients that excel in supporting your immune system and respiratory health. 


Used for more than 5,000 years in cultures around the world, these natural ingredients have been proven to stimulate the body’s immune response to daily stressors by increasing antibodies and cytokines, proteins secreted by our immune system. In fact, more than 20,000 different published studies show that glucans are incredible immunomodulators that can help boost your immune system’s functions.


Alongside beta-glucans, we’ve included other key natural ingredients to help give you extra defense against seasonal viruses, such as zinc, vitamins C, D, and B6, as well as green tea extract—each of which plays a key role in immune responses.


Your overall immunity is the foundation for your everyday health. As we enter the winter months, viruses and infections are inevitably going to become more and more common. Our delicious Immunity Fuel blends are formulated with ingredients to build up the immune system, just with a simple blend on a daily basis—no bulky appliances, pills, or powder needed.

Subscribe for monthly shipments of Immunity Fuel Orange to save 25% on each blend, and you’ll be giving yourself an immunity-building advantage heading into the winter months.

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