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How Do You Want to Feel? Try These Blends

How Do You Want to Feel? Try These Blends

With over 20 Vejo blends (and growing), here’s how to decide what blends are right for you—right now. Whether you want to feel more energized, vibrant, rested, strong, or clear-headed—our blends are here to help optimize your health and make getting proper daily nutrition convenient. The ingredients inside every Vejo blend have unique benefits, and once you know how they can support you, you can start building the habits that make sense for your life.

For Sustainable Energy

For much-needed energy throughout your day, we have a few great options. Our Clean Greens and Pacific Northwest Tart Berry blends are antioxidant-packed ways to get lasting energy in between meals. Plus, Clean Greens has 50 percent of your daily fruit and vegetable intake with just one pod. 

For an all-natural energy boost, our Matcha Latte blend is a go-to. One pod contains 56mg of caffeine to help you go the distance. If you need to pack a bit more of a punch, try out our Cold Brew Coffee, which has 190mg of caffeine to give you a boost whenever you need it. Our Whey Coffee and Whey Mocha blends are great options—offering 160mg of caffeine and 9g of protein in each pod. 

For Glowing Skin

Natural beauty starts with natural ingredients. Our brand-new Collagen Glow blend not only provides 10g of beauty-optimized VERISOL® collagen, but also includes nine superfood extracts. This unique combination is called Dermaval™ and the phytonutrient-rich fruit and vegetable extracts can preserve the elasticity and firmness of skin and help slow the aging process.

For Better Sleep

In stressful times, good rest can be difficult to come by, but it’s essential to our health. Our Sleep Lemon Tea blend contains a selection of herbal extracts, plant-based protein, L-theanine and magnesium to assist in relaxing you before bed, leading the way to a peaceful night of restorative sleep.

For Building Muscle 

While many Vejo blends contain high amounts of protein, no blend will help you build and restore muscle faster than our Plant-Based Protein - Vanilla and Plant-Based Protein - Chocolate. Each contains 15g of plant-based protein per pod—the most of any Vejo blend—which is essential for building lean muscle and maintaining a healthy weight. Each of these blends is packed with antioxidants as well, which can help boost muscle recovery throughout the day and make you feel more energized.

For Mental Clarity

Ashwagandha, an herb proven to help decrease stress and anxiety when used consistently over time, is a key ingredient in our Stress Support blend. Along with other essential ingredients (like B vitamins, rhodiola, eleuthero, and more) they work to help you meet the demands of daily living. 

For Immune Health

Overall immune strength is the best way to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, and our Immunity Fuel is formulated to give you a boost. With BGF-Immune® Beta-Glucans, zinc, essential vitamins, mushrooms, and more, this nutrient-rich blend is perfect for protecting yourself and giving your body a leg up against environmental stressors. 

Feel energized, rested, and clear-headed by getting essential fruits, veggies, vitamins, and minerals from your favorite Vejo blends. Packed with a good source of natural and nutrient-rich ingredients, feeling your best is just one blend away

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