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Is your store-bought produce really ‘fresh’? Here's why Vejo's peak season produce is always farm-to-pod

Is your store-bought produce really ‘fresh’? Here's why Vejo's peak season produce is always farm-to-pod

Did you know that store-bought apples can be 9-14 months old before they hit the grocery store shelves? And spinach 1-2 months? It turns out that grocery store produce isn’t as fresh or flavorful as you may think. We’re here to chat about grocery store woes and how Vejo works to deliver farm-to-pod fruits and veggies always harvested during peak season.

Let’s set the stage. You walk into the grocery store and see shiny, curated produce stacked in attractive displays. Nature didn’t make the shine, so who did? Due to being harvested out of season and in mass, grocery store produce is often covered in chemicals and preservatives to increase shelf-life while ripening artificially. These harmful chemicals and gases cause naturally occurring vitamins and micronutrients to break down, resulting in less nutritious food. 

The supply chain of store-bought produce generally goes like this: farm → storage facility → truck(s) → store. This process can take up to a year before things end up in your cart! Buying store-bought produce means high contact, less flavor, fewer nutrients, a bigger carbon footprint, and more preservatives. 

At Vejo, we skipped that lengthy process altogether! We went straight to sustainable farms, knowing that we wanted to deliver peak-harvest flavor while reducing waste and using zero preservatives. Working directly with our farms allows for higher quality organic produce and transparency around farming practices. Our freeze-drying process locks in essential nutrients and peak season flavor while keeping our blends shelf-stable. No preservatives necessary! 

With our blends, fresh fruits and vegetables are always just 30 seconds away. Rest assured that every biodegradable pod comes packed with nutrients and flavor from clean, ripe produce. That’s the Vejo way! 


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