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Meet the science-backed benefits behind our new 1-Day Reset

Meet the science-backed benefits behind our new 1-Day Reset


Meet the cleanse

Whether you’re looking to dip your toes in the cleanse world or partake in a swift detox post-vacation, our 1-Day Reset is for you! In just 24 hours, this cleanse provides a digestive reset while paving the way back to higher energy levels and healthier habits with nutrient-rich blends. 

Get to know the science-backed benefits.

At Vejo, we’re big on nutrition that’s science-backed. Our 1-Day Reset includes 8 doctor-formulated blends thoughtfully curated to provide essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and supplements throughout your day. You’d be amazed at what your body can do in just 24 hours! 1-Day Reset works to promote these powerful benefits: 

Improved digestion + decreased bloat: Think of it like this, a 24-hour liquid-only cleanse provides a relaxing vacation for your digestive system. Less energy is needed to break down your food, giving your gut some time to heal and recharge. 

Reduced food cravings: Cleanse your palate and gut microbiota by removing processed foods and replacing them with high-quality fruits and vegetables to decrease cravings.

Power and balance from nourishing vitamins and minerals: Our freeze-drying process utilizes the entire produce, allowing nearly all essential fiber and micronutrients to stay intact. Science and plant-power for the win! 

Improved cognitive function: Vejo’s Matcha Latte blend contains a combination of L-theanine and antioxidant-rich caffeine that improves focus, memory, and overall cognitive function.

Increased hydration: Hydration is always a top priority! Each blend in this cleanse is paired with water to keep things flowing smoothly. Sip on water or herbal teas throughout the 1-Day cleanse to enhance detox and hydration qualities. 

Improved state of mind: Good days are priceless. This cleanse includes Vejo’s newest mood-enhancing functional blend, Mood Boost. We formulated this blend to promote a sensation of calm but focused energy. Mood Boost also works to balance cortisol levels, reducing the effects of stress while promoting a positive feeling of well-being.

Less decision making: Leave that to us! We’ve mapped out your day by selecting blends to provide you with a variety of high-quality fruits, vegetables, and supplements. No more wondering what you’re going to have for each meal! 

Benefits of caloric restriction: In moderation, caloric restriction works to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and improve insulin sensitivity. 

We’re thrilled to share this whole-body reset with you! Ready to dive in or want to learn more about the blends included in this cleanse? Visit our 1-Day Reset product page for everything you need to know.

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