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A hand holding the daily recovery blend in front of the pacific ocean in the morning sun.

Protect Yourself From the Sun with Daily Recovery

As we enter the dog days of summer, enjoying the sun is a must. But, those UV rays can damage your skin faster than you think, and it’s important to block them before they do. As you head out into the summer sun, reach for your sunscreen and our Daily Recovery blend to help protect your skin from the inside out. 

A blue vejo blender sitting on a orange and blue striped beach towel by a glass of daily recovery blend and ping pong paddles.

Our Daily Recovery blend has a sun-protective secret ingredient weapon: its name is astaxanthin. This naturally occurring pigment is found in algae, the same algae that gives salmon and trout their pinkish hue (and the energy to battle strong river currents 24/7). The benefits of astaxanthin are numerous, including anti-aging properties, support for joint and eye health, as well as increased protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. In fact, studies show that carotenoids like astaxanthin can help absorb UV rays and defend against cell damage.

Astaxanthin is not only a superior antioxidant, but it’s also fat soluble, which means the body is very efficient about putting it to good use. So, next time you have a blend of Daily Recovery, know that you’re getting the same powerful nutrients that salmon have been taking advantage of for millennia. While you won’t turn pink, you will create an extra layer of protection in your skin to block harmful UV rays thanks to the astaxanthin. 

1Daily supplementation with 2-8mg of astaxanthin has been shown to decrease markers of inflammation and DNA damage after 8 weeks. Another study showed that 6 weeks of astaxanthin supplementation (6mg per day) may improve the condition of skin (wrinkles, elasticity, moisture, etc.) in both men and women. So, next time you have a blend of Daily Recovery, know you're getting 4mg of astaxanthin per pod in our Daily Recovery blend.



1. Davinelli S, Nielsen ME, Scapagnini G. Astaxanthin in Skin Health, Repair, and Disease: A Comprehensive Review. Nutrients. 2018;10(4):522. Published 2018 Apr 22. doi:10.3390/nu10040522

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