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Q&A with business mentor Morgan Rasmussen

Q&A with business mentor Morgan Rasmussen

How are your essential everyday products made, and what are they made with? These questions can feel impossible to answer with complicated labels and ingredients that are hard to pronounce. That's where Morgan comes in! From beauty to baby, Morgan Rasmussen is passionate about empowering people to get familiar with ingredients that make up their favorite products and how they can impact our health. At Vejo, we share this ethos and believe in complete transparency when it comes to ingredients. Morgan happens to be a Vejo community member, so we connected with her to chat about life, mentoring, and how our blends support her busy schedule.

We're so curious to hear your story. Can you share a little bit about yourself?

M: "Happy to! I live in Fort Collins, Colorado (midwest Iowa girl at heart), dating my high-school sweetheart of 21 years and 2 kiddos together. I'm a passionate business mentor + entrepreneur in the clean beauty space, an advocate for healthy living, and a fitness junkie who loves Crossfit. I've spent the last decade absorbing and learning as much as possible about environmental health and how to make safer swaps in my family's routine to lighten our toxic load. When I'm not educating/learning, you can find me with a good book or diving into something creative in the marketing/design space!" You can check out Morgan’s website here. Alright, now that we’re inspired, let’s talk about how Vejo plays a leading role in supporting Morgan’s on-the-go schedule. 

Our Build Your Own Box subscription is one of the first things we recommend when it comes to entrepreneurs and busy schedules. It allows you to prepare ahead of time, so healthy snacking is always an option. If you were to build your own box, what blends would you include? 

M: "Cold Brew CoffeeCollagen Glow in Strawberry Lime (so refreshing poured over ice and taste is amazing!), Plant-Based Protein in Chocolate or VanillaPre-WorkoutTart Berry and Mood Boost." 

Being a mom is a full-time job! Why are these your go-to blends? 

M: "I'm all about functional foods that are healthy and convenient. Anything that will add energy in a natural way + protein and/or recovery for my workouts - I'm all in!" We love that! Functionality is definitely a key element to sustaining long-term habits.

Plus, what's better than a blend that serves a purpose but also happens to be delicious? Speaking of, what blends would you select for your kids? 

M: "Pina Greens for sure, but honestly, them enjoying any of the fruit-based pods or protein blends that feels like a HUGE #momwin over here. They are asking for snacks about 100 x a day right now, and Vejo makes it easy and healthy." 

Easy and healthy, that's the goal! Do your kids have favorite blends? 

M: "Well, if my kids had to pick their favorites, it would be Banana AlmondTropical, Tart Berry, and the Piña Strawberry! Sometimes I'll mix 2 pods like the Vanilla Plant-Based Protein pod + their favorite pod for the additional calories and protein." 

Now that we're talking family, what are some of your husband's favorite blends? 

M: "He's always stealing my pre-workout and the Daily Recovery pods! He's all about the Cold Brew Coffee and Whey Mocha too!" 

One more before we go! How did you discover Vejo? 

M: "I was introduced to Vejo through a company I've partnered with called Beautycounter. As a brand focused on health and safety, the Beautycounter x Vejo collaboration made perfect sense!"

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