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Q&A with Dr. Medina Culver, a board-certified family doctor

Q&A with Dr. Medina Culver, a board-certified family doctor

We built Vejo on a foundation of doctor-formulated blends and years of science-backed research, and that's why we love to hear about health professionals who use Vejo blends to fuel their demanding days. Healthy habits are the best form of preventative medicine, so we're highlighting how Dr. Culver utilizes Vejo blends to incorporate clean eating into her busy schedule. 

Meet Dr. Culver! 

My name is Medina Culver, and I am a board-certified family medicine doctor of osteopathic medicine. I have been practicing for the last 5 years very focused on preventative medicine, diet, exercise, and lifestyle modifications to achieve health goals. I am also very passionate about clean products and clean ingredients. I love being outdoors, traveling, hiking, and being anywhere near the ocean. My dog Zion is my favorite adventure companion, and I have been using Vejo now for the last 2 years and have noticed such extreme improvements in my overall health, wellness, and mental clarity. 

Vejo: What blends would you add to a custom box just for you?
Dr. Culver: I would definitely add Plant-Based Protein in vanilla + Matcha + Banana Almond + Piña Greens.
Vejo: Why are these your go-to blends as a business owner?
Dr. Culver: These are my go-to blends as a female and business owner because they support everything that I need, from stress reduction to energy to hair/skin/nails and muscle health and digestive health and making sure I get my greens even while on the go.

Vejo: Which of these blends do you drink every day without fail?
Dr. Culver: I drink probably all of those blends daily without fail! I drink 4-5 blends per day. I love starting my day off with a blend and then usually will have a blend mid-morning and then with lunch and again before or after my workout and then before bed.

Vejo: What's your newest favorite?
Dr. Culver: Plant-Based Protein in vanilla is my new obsession! so good and no bloating and amazing taste

Vejo: Any blends that you still haven't tried that you may add to your next box?
Dr. Culver: I think I have tried everything! I wish the sleep blend tasted better because I love the effects from the sleep blend, but the taste is so hard for me to get over, haha!

Vejo: Do you ever combine/layer any two blends?
Dr. Culver: My favorite blends to combine are Banana Almond with the Vanilla Protein or Tart Berry with Vanilla Protein. So good and delicious!

Vejo: Keeping your patients (and yourself!) healthy is a lot to take on. How does Vejo make it easier to practice self-care? 
Dr. Culver: Vejo makes it so easy to practice self-care because there is no mess, no prep work, no grocery shopping trips, no spoiled food, and it's so chic to blend at my desk while I prep my charts or in my car while I'm driving to pilates! 

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