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Support Wintertime Wellness with Plant-Based Protein

Support Wintertime Wellness with Plant-Based Protein

Protein is an incredible tool. Everyone knows it’s important for muscle recovery and athletic performance, but it does so much more for our everyday health. It’s why we incorporated 15g of it in our Plant-Based Protein blends. By increasing the amount of protein in your daily nutrition, you can help support some of the most important functions your body needs, particularly during the winter months.

Support Solid Sleep

As we’ve covered on this blog before, sleep is the great constant in any healthy lifestyle. It affects everything from muscle recovery to your immune system, and by getting a solid amount of sleep, you’re setting the stage for your body’s systems to function at their highest level. In fact, it seems there’s a direct correlation between protein intake and the quality of sleep you’ll get on a nightly basis. 

Boost Your Mood

In many ways, proteins are the building blocks of our body—and this includes the brain. By increasing the amount of healthy proteins in your diet, you’re stimulating brain signals and neurotransmitters that control any number of functions, including your mood. There are plenty of reasons why your mood may take a hit during the winter months. Anything from seasonal affective disorder to increased stress from holiday bills can take a toll on your mental health. But, by increasing your protein intake, you can give your brain a boost, which can, in turn, improve its serotonin levels and overall activity. 

Build Better Habits

There are a lot of reasons viruses tend to thrive during the winter, but traditional “holiday” diets don’t necessarily help. High amounts of sugar are proven to create inflammation and weaken your overall immune system, giving those seasonal viruses even more opportunity to take hold. Protein is a great way to help combat this effect. It’s proven to increase satiety and reduce cravings for sugary foods, which will lead to a reduction in inflammation and an overall boost in immune health. You can read more about the connection here, and with the 15g of protein in our new Plant-Based Protein blends, you’ll be giving your body an incredible alternative to those sugar-packed holiday desserts. 

Proteins are the building blocks of our body, so it just makes sense that they’re the building blocks of our daily health routines as well. By increasing your daily intake, you’ll be reducing the amount of social and biological stressors that can take hold as winter sets in. Plus, available in both Chocolate and Vanilla, our plant-based protein blends are a simple, delicious way to get it done.

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