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The importance of Vitamin D and how to get it daily

The importance of Vitamin D and how to get it daily

We're taking a close look at how the ‘sunshine vitamin’ plays a leading role in keeping our bodies happy and healthy. 

Believe it or not, vitamin D shouldn’t just be famous for its bone-strengthening powers. Today we’re talking about all things vitamin D, how to get it daily, the science-backed benefits, and what can happen when our vitamin D levels are low. 

Let’s start by breaking down the vitamin and how it acts within the body. Vitamin D is a multifaceted essential nutrient found in various foods we consume, or it can be produced by your body while spending time in the sun. Vitamin D is mainly known for its ability to promote calcium absorption in your gut, paving the way for healthy, strong bones. We’d be impressed if that was vitamin D’s only gig, but that’s far from the truth! The health benefits of vitamin D have long been researched, and scientists have actually found that the vitamin behaves more like a hormone and less like other vitamins or minerals. If we start to think of vitamin D as a hormone, we can see how the effects would be felt throughout the body when vitamin D levels are low. A lack of vitamin D can lead to depression, a weakened immune system, irregular metabolism, fragile bones, and long-term illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. When it comes to all vitamins, finding the right balance is key. There’s such a thing as too much vitamin D! Dr. Mullane is our Vejo team doctor, and she doesn’t recommend taking over 2,000 IU daily without getting your vitamin D levels checked by a doctor.

Now, onto the good stuff. We like to think of vitamin D as a provider of balance and strength, creating harmony while boosting overall health and even making us less vulnerable to the current pandemic. Sunshine aside, there are plenty of foods, supplements, and Vejo blends that can help us check the box. Below you’ll find a few accessible sources of vitamin D. 

  • Oily fish - such as salmon, tuna, sardines, herring, mackerel - look for wild-caught sources when available. 

  • Egg yolks - the most common food source. Prioritize pasture-raised when possible. 

  • Mushrooms - look for shiitake, button, or chanterelle mushrooms as they offer a great source of vitamin D2. 

  • Orange juice - one cup of orange juice contains about 12% of your daily vitamin D intake. 

  • Vejo blends - we’re science and research-obsessed, so naturally, we prioritized vitamin D when it came to formulating a few of our blends. Lean on Mood Boost or Immunity Fuel for daily support. 

The cherry on top? Prioritizing vitamin D intake is the perfect excuse to take a long walk in the sunshine and invest in nourishing food and drink. Got questions? Chat with a Vejo Rep or connect via
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