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The Key Benefits of Better Sleep

The Key Benefits of Better Sleep

When people think of health and wellness, sleep isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. While vitamins, exercise, and nutrition are all key to whole-body health, we believe that sleep is the keystone to your health in many ways. It’s an opportunity for the body to catch up and restore itself after experiencing the rigors of everyday life. 

We developed our Sleep Lemon Tea blend for exactly this reason. It’s incredibly important you’re getting the sleep you need to maximize your day-to-day health and wellness. 

Clear Your Head

There are countless books on the benefits of quality sleep, and there are far too many to list here, but one of the key discoveries in recent memory is the fact that sleep is key for removing metabolic waste from your brain. According to a study from the National Institute of Health, even one sleepless night can increase the amount of beta-amyloid in your brain. This protein has been linked to impaired brain function as well as Alzheimer’s Disease. By getting good rest, you’re letting your brain remove this waste so it can continue operating at a high level.

Regenerate & Recover

This recovery process doesn’t stop at the brain either. Multiple studies have shown that sleep is key in helping your muscles recover from daily use, whether you’re an elite athlete or just going about your day. And, sleep is also proven to help reduce inflammation in your body and even prevent obesity

Boost Your Immunity

We’re all talking about immunity these days, from vaccines to medical treatments, but one of the most important things you can do for your immune system is to get a solid amount of sleep. During sleep, your body releases proteins that help fight infection and inflammation when you’re under stress from a potential sickness. And, when you don’t get enough sleep, you’re not giving your immune system a fighting chance.

There are so many aspects of health and wellness. And while blends like Daily Recovery and Immunity Fuel are great ways to improve your day-to-day functions, it’s important to be mindful of your sleep. With ingredients like magnesium, plant-based protein, L-theanine, and more, our Sleep Lemon Tea blend is designed to help you get the natural, restful sleep you need to maximize your nights so you can maximize your days. Try blending it with vanilla almond milk or oat milk to add a delicious flavor and creamy texture.
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