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Mix & Match Your Vejo Blends For Added Benefits

Mix & Match Your Vejo Blends For Added Benefits

So many of us in this day and age are busy with work, working out, caring for loved ones, traveling, and endless to-do's that it leaves little room for us to think about when and how to nourish our own bodies. To that we say, it's time to up the ante on our daily wellness and nutrition habits.

Vejo's pre-made, doctor-formulated blends are so easy and convenient. When you combine the power of two Vejo blends, you can double up on health benefits that are ready to drink in just 60 seconds!

Mix & Match our blends for boosted benefits!

Matcha Latte + Vanilla Protein = The Green Machine 

When you’re looking for a pick-me-up with an added protein boost, this is for you! Get an energy boost from nature with Matcha while adding to your energy levels with protein and fiber. Bonus points: rich in antioxidants with zero added sugar.

Strawberry Banana + Chocolate Protein = Power Snack 

It's time to ditch artificial sugars and level up your dessert! This pure combination tastes just like chocolate-covered strawberries and is packed with plant protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and Pepzyme AG (which is is a vegan enzyme that supports digestion, while increasing nutrient bioavailability.) Mmm.

Vanilla Protein + Sleep = Protein Dreams 

Trouble sleeping? This delicious nighttime smoothie goes beyond supporting your rest and recovery. It also helps decrease feelings of stress and restlessness, which positively impacts the heart. Protein before bed has been linked to increased muscle protein synthesis and decreased muscle soreness. This combo will surely send you off into sweet, sweet dreams. Zzz.

Tart Berry + Immunity Fuel = Berry Well 

This is the primo berry smoothie of your dreams. Together, these blends provide an antioxidant-rich snack to power your morning while protecting your body's natural defenses throughout the day. Tart Berry also provides an excellent source of vitamin C and naturally occurring enzymes.


Banana Almond + Cold Brew Coffee = The Nutty Professor 

Low energy levels due to piling workloads? We’ve got the solution. This combination of blends provides 7g of nourishing protein and 190g of energizing caffeine: delicious, creamy, and a great way to focus and refuel.

Piña Greens + Clean Greens = Emerald City 

Make sure you get in over 50% of your daily recommended fruits and veggies and 60% of your daily Vitamin C! This mix & match supports your immune system, helps recover after a long night, and is an effective tonic for post-workout recovery!  


Each of these powder-powered combinations is ready in under one minute! Just blend, combine and enjoy. Got questions? Chat with a Vejo Rep at

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