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Vejo Launches New Innovative Blender System

Vejo Launches New Innovative Blender System

BLEND HEALTHIER, LIVE HAPPIER: revolutionary & elevated technology disrupts traditional blending.

Vejo, the flourishing health and wellness brand, today launched its new state-of-the-art blender system featuring advanced, cutting-edge technology. Made to shift conventional wellness paradigms and meet the needs of busy lives on the go, the company’s mission is simple: to reinvent blending. Challenging convention with a revolutionary nutrition innovation, Vejo energizes and inspires consumers to live happier, healthier lives anywhere, any time.

Vejo begins with a patented, sleek high-speed portable blender which features the most advanced blending technology on the market. Easily transportable—in an elegantly designed palette of colors and artful designs that is charged via USB-C—the 12-ounce blender receives your personally selected nutritious recipe. The process is simple: pick your blend, add liquid of choice, press start, and 30 seconds later, voila! Convenient and quick, a great tasting personalized blend filled with dense nutrients is ready to enjoy.

“Vejo is the combination of innovative technology and a persistent dedication to health and wellness,” said Christoph Bertsch, founder of Vejo. “We realized the need for accessible, personalized and convenient nutrition and emerged to fill a gaping hole in the wellness market. After consulting with an expert team of doctors, nutritionists, and pharmacists, we developed a blending system that is made to sustain your daily life.”

Designed for busy lifestyles, Vejo’s one-of-a-kind blending system pairs with 12 uniquely crafted blends. With Vejo, consumers can take their fresh blends to the office, gym, or anywhere in the world. Lightweight and compact, the blender easily fits into a fitness bag, purse or backpack and does not require a kitchen or table set up to process. From fresh fruit favorites to wellness boosters, power greens and energy pleasers, there’s something for everyone.

“Being intentional about what we put into our bodies is not merely a badge of honor—but a smarter way of taking care of ourselves, at every age and every stage,” added Bertsch. “At a time of enhanced focus on health and wellness, Vejo is uniquely positioned and dedicated to helping individuals live their best lives. We are thrilled to release this new product and its advanced blending technology to the market, and are confident consumers will notice the Vejo difference.”

Vejo’s recipes are science-based, eco-friendly, great tasting and uniquely designed for wellness impact:

● For blends with fruit and vegetables, produce is picked at the peak of freshness and freezedried to lock in nutrients.

● Free of pesticides and preservatives, no product on the market nutritionally compares.

● Each recipe is 100% natural, organic, gluten free, non-GMO, and has no added sugar. There are also several vegan options to choose from.

With a track record of success and an entrepreneurial eye for innovation, Bertsch founded Vejo after going through a personal journey to improve his health and nutrition. Vejo is supported by a roster of A-list athletes and celebrities who understand the brand’s values and have been part of the Vejo journey from the beginning.

A $99 limited time Welcome Sampler containing the state-of-the-art blender and 8 delicious blends as a complimentary gift is currently available for nationwide shipping, visit

About Vejo

Vejo is a one-of-a-kind health and wellness brand born in Santa Monica, with roots in Germany. Vejo is focused on developing new and innovative approaches to personalized nutrition through advances in blending technology. With a portable yet powerful state of the art blender, and eco-friendly, great tasting nutrient rich blends. Well funded by a notable list of investors, Vejo is reinventing the art and science of personal blending. Patented technology, sustainability standards, food science expertise and first to market blend innovations ensure Vejo remains at the forefront of this emerging fast growth category across the globe. Learn more at Follow along @vejo and join our big, beautiful, blended community #vejoblends

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