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Vejo's Holiday Gift Guide

Vejo's Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays can be filled with family, friends, great memories, and even better food! When this busy, festive season rolls around, it’s easy to put your health and well-being on the back burner. Skipping a few workouts here and there. Overindulging in big meals and leftovers. Perhaps a few holiday beverages or an extra slice of pie? All of that blended together can really take a toll on our overall health. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Fortunately, with Vejo, there's now a quick and easy way to get your nutrients in and it’s possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle year-round!

We have curated an entire gift guide with suggestions on our favorite blends!  


1. For the Wonder Mum — Matcha Latte + Cold Brew Coffee

Let's be real, being a supermom ain't easy and sometimes they need an extra kick to please their energy. Gift the tasty new daily ritual that's ripe with all-natural ingredients to fuel mom up and keep her focused.  

2. For the Weekend Warrior— Plant-Based Protein (Chocolate + Vanilla)

Have those friends that can't stop, won't stop? Well, our Doctor-formulated, curated nutraceuticals with proven benefits will keep them at the top of their game. Give them the gift of a delicious, energizing snack that provides balance throughout their bodies all while supporting healthy digestion. 

3. For the Fruit Fanatic— Strawberry Banana + Tropical

Let's keep the joy alive with the unique deliciousness of organic fruits packed with antioxidants and vitamin C. A creative gift idea would be pairing the Strawberry Banana and Tropical blends with fun popsicle molds, so they can simply blend and freeze for a delicious, no-sugar-added popsicle treat. 

4. For the World TravelerImmunity Fuel + Sleep

The jet setter life ain't easy — a thoughtful gift might be our wellness boosters to keep them nourished and healthy! Immunity Fuel was formulated to protect and support the body’s own defenses against daily environmental factors that challenge the immune system. So long, airport germs! And what about jet lag?  Vejo's Sleep-supporting blend promotes relaxation to carry one into 6-8 hours of priceless rest. Zzz.

5. For the Green Guru— Clean Greens + Piña Greens

Give the gift of self-care with Vejo's Power Greens! They'll love the leafy green goodness of our organic vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals, and natural fiber. These herbaceous blends tastes like it was plucked straight from the garden — perfect for after a relaxing self-care ritual.


Jumpstart all the joy for the holidays by making health and wellness a priority for yourself and your loved ones. Happy gift-giving!

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