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5 Real-Life Vejo Users and What They Have to Say

At Vejo, we’re passionate about helping people get proper nutrition in their everyday life. Through our doctor-formulated blends, our goal is to transform the way people get their nutrition on a daily basis. And, through the pursuit of that mission, we’re humbled to see people embracing the Vejo way. 

Here are five real-life Vejo users and the positive effects they’ve seen, from getting back much-needed sleep to recovering from a hard workout:

“Amazingly convenient and delicious. Best for recovery right after I surf or run! Clean Greens and Banana Almond are my JAM.” — Marshall L.

Vejo blends and blenders are meant to be used daily to make your health and nutrition routines simpler. Our team of researchers, doctors, and nutritionists have worked tirelessly to ensure your experience is simple and efficient. 

Subscribe to our Clean Greens blend to get 50% of your daily vegetables in just one pod, and Banana Almond blend for an all-natural source of protein, fiber, and more.

“I have never slept so well!” — Collette F. 

While our blends can help you improve your daily nutrition, they can also help improve your quality of sleep, so that you wake up feeling refreshed. The core ingredients in this blend (extracts of chamomile, passionflower, and hops, pea protein, L-theanine, and magnesium) are all uniquely paired together to deliver the restorative sleep your body needs to wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

Subscribe to our Sleep Lemon Tea to get a doctor-curated blend of minerals, herbs, and amino acids to help you get to sleep, and stay asleep longer.  

“Great recovery. After years of using isotonic drinks for recovery, nothing compares to this blend. My recovery is complete and my energy levels go up fast.” — Eduardo H. 

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world utilize the simplicity of Vejo blends to aid in their recovery. In fact, we have an entire category of blends dedicated to protein, including Banana Almond, Spiced Chocolate, Whey Coffee, and more. Vejo offers both whey- and plant-based proteins to help you recover from hard workouts and prepare for your next one.

Be sure to check out all of our Protein blends to learn about how you can transform your workout routine. 


“Love how simple it is! I'm allergic to many foods and some fruits and vegetables, so having the Tart Berry blend that is just 3 berries (yet still packed with antioxidants) is so helpful! I also love that it tastes good with water as a base instead of sugar-heavy orange juice. Love it!” — Kathleen B. 

Kathleen knows exactly what we put into our Pacific Northwest Tart Berry blend because of our commitment to ingredient transparency on every Vejo blend. For those with food allergies (or who just want to know what they’re eating), we’ve made it easy to understand with simple ingredient lists and in-depth explanations of all those ingredients.

“Love. I would gift a Vejo to everyone I know.” — Hannah B.

We agree, Hannah. The true power of Vejo is how easy it is to fit into your busy life. Thoughtfully formulated daily, protein, functional, and performance blends—on hand for when you need them most. Learn more about Vejo and get blending with your first Vejo blender here.
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