{ "Pacific Northwest Tart Berry": { "handle": "tart_berry", "main_id": 31961291423838, "title": "Pacific Northwest Tart Berry", "description": "A tangy varietal made from the Northwest's premium berries, this limited edition farm-to-pod blend is an excellent source of vitamin C and naturally occurring enzymes. Whether you're a weekday spin class enthusiast or professional athlete, physically active individuals will want to include this blend in their recovery routine.", "img": "https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1852/7957/products/TartBerry.png", "filter": "blend-smoothie", "ingredients": "", "handle_2pack": "pacific-northwest-tart-berry-2ct-pk", "id_2pack": 31486980030558, "handle_4pack": "tart-berry-4-test", "id_4pack": 39745975910494, "price_2pack": 6, "price_4pack": 10.80, "price_8pack": 25.5, "availability": true }, "Piña Greens": { "handle": "pina_greens", "main_id": 31961306398814, "title": "Piña Greens", "description": "A good source of vitamin C and folate, this blend is great for when the whole family needs an extra serving of greens.", "img": "https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1852/7957/products/PinaGreens.png", "filter": "blend-smoothie", "ingredients": "", "handle_2pack": "pina-greens-2ct-pk", "id_2pack": 31486975475806, "handle_4pack": "pina-greens-4", "id_4pack": 39745975779422, "price_2pack": 6, "price_4pack": 10.80, "price_8pack": 25.5, "availability": true }, "Matcha Latte": { "handle": "matcha_latte", "main_id": 31902005657694, "title": "Matcha Latte", "description": "It’s not every day that healthy habits are easy to form and difficult to break. Meet your newest healthy habit: Vejo’s Matcha Latte with Oatmilk, pairing organic Japanese matcha with organic oatmilk, and no added sugar. Revamp your morning ritual with a creamy, antioxidant-rich coffee alternative for sustained energy, focus, and ultimate zen.", "img": "https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1852/7957/products/Matcha.png", "filter": "blend-coffee-tea", "ingredients": "", "handle_2pack": "2-ct-pk-pla-matcha-latte", "id_2pack": 31999624314974, "handle_4pack": "matcha-latte-4-test", "id_4pack": 39745975648350, "price_2pack": 6, "price_4pack": 10.80, "price_8pack": 16.5, "availability": true }, "Banana Almond": { "handle": "banana_almond", "main_id": 31961241616478, "title": "Banana Almond", "description": "This hearty blend will satisfy even the most indulgent banana bread cravings while delivering 7 grams of protein. Dietary fiber ensures this banana blend satisfies and satiates. It's great as post-workout drink, or to bridge the gap between meals.", "img": "https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1852/7957/products/Banana.png", "filter": "blend-protein", "ingredients": "", "handle_2pack": "banana-almond-2ct-pk", "id_2pack": 31486966169694, "handle_4pack": "banana-almond-4-test", "id_4pack": 39745975681118, "price_2pack": 6, "price_4pack": 10.80, "price_8pack": 25.5, "availability": true }, "Plant-Based Protein - Chocolate": { "handle": "plant_based_protein_chocolate", "main_id": 32255358664798, "title": "Plant-Based Protein - Chocolate", "description": "This delicious plant-based protein was formulated with an array of organically sourced ingredients to deliver an excellent source of protein with a rich cocoa taste that satisfies your daily cravings.", "img": "https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1852/7957/products/PB-Choc.png", "filter": "blend-protein", "ingredients": "", "handle_2pack": "vegan-protein-chocolate-2ct-pk", "id_2pack": 32255384256606, "handle_4pack": "plant-based-protein-chocolate-4-test", "id_4pack": 39745975746654, "price_2pack": 6, "price_4pack": 10.80, "price_8pack": 22.5, "availability": true }, "Plant-Based Protein - Vanilla": { "handle": "plant_based_protein_vanilla", "main_id": 32255363612766, "title": "Plant-Based Protein - Vanilla", "description": "This plant-based protein power up is crafted with organic ingredients, hypoallergenic & packed with all 9 essential amino acids. A delicious, energizing snack that provides balance throughout your body while supporting healthy digestion.", "img": "https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1852/7957/products/PB-Vanilla.png", "filter": "blend-protein", "ingredients": "", "handle_2pack": "vegan-protein-vanilla-2ct-pk", "id_2pack": 32255384879198, "handle_4pack": "plant-based-protein-vanilla-4-test", "id_4pack": 39745976041566, "price_2pack": 6, "price_4pack": 10.80, "price_8pack": 22.5, "availability": true }, "Strawberry Banana": { "handle": "strawberry_banana", "main_id": 31961343524958, "title": "Strawberry Banana", "description": "Minimalism is key to this blend, containing just the two ingredients after which it is named: strawberry and banana. A source of potassium and vitamin C, the finished product is lush, tangy and satisfyingly sweet - without the added sugar.", "img": "https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1852/7957/products/StrawberryBanana.png", "filter": "blend-smoothie", "ingredients": "", "handle_2pack": "strawberry-banana-2ct-pk", "id_2pack": 31486977704030, "handle_4pack": "strawberry-banana-4-test", "id_4pack": 39745975844958, "price_2pack": 6, "price_4pack": 10.80, "price_8pack": 25.5, "availability": true }, "Tropical": { "handle": "tropical", "main_id": 31961355681886, "title": "Tropical", "description": "Summer is available all year round with island fruits that bring the tropics to your Vejo. This smooth and balanced blend is a source of vitamin C and potassium, with a hint of passion fruit that's equally exotic and delicious.", "img": "https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1852/7957/products/Tropical.png", "filter": "blend-smoothie", "ingredients": "", "handle_2pack": "tropical-2ct-pk", "id_2pack": 31486977835102, "handle_4pack": "tropical-4-test", "id_4pack": 39745976205406, "price_2pack": 6, "price_4pack": 10.80, "price_8pack": 25.5, "availability": true }, "Cold Brew Coffee": { "handle": "cold_brew_coffee", "main_id": 31961226739806, "title": "Cold Brew Coffee", "description": "The daily grind meets its match with our Cold Brew Coffee blend. A daily routine staple for many, this medium roast Arabica blend kicks it up a notch by offering robust flavor, and just the right amount of buzz to boot.", "img": "https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1852/7957/products/ColdBrew.png", "filter": "blend-coffee-tea", "ingredients": "", "handle_2pack": "cold-brew-coffee-2ct-pk", "id_2pack": 31486982357086, "handle_4pack": "cold-brew-coffee-4-test", "id_4pack": 39745975713886, "price_2pack": 6, "price_4pack": 10.80, "price_8pack": 16.5, "availability": true }, "Clean Greens": { "handle": "clean_greens", "main_id": 31961321078878, "title": "Clean Greens", "description": "This herbaceous blend tastes like it was plucked straight from the garden. It's a good source of vitamin C and contains B vitamins, ideal for when you crave a refreshing dose of greens.", "img": "https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1852/7957/products/CleanGreens.png", "filter": "blend-smoothie", "ingredients": "", "handle_2pack": "clean-greens-2ct-pk", "id_2pack": 31486972821598, "handle_4pack": "clean-greens-4-test", "id_4pack": 39745975615582, "price_2pack": 6, "price_4pack": 10.80, "price_8pack": 25.5, "availability": true }, "Immunity Fuel": { "handle": "immunity_fuel_berries", "main_id": 32143802564702, "title": "Immunity Fuel Berries", "description": "Vejo’s Immunity Fuel was formulated to protect and support your body’s own defenses against daily environmental factors that challenge your immune system.", "img": "https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1852/7957/files/ImmunityFuelBB_METAFIELD_WEB_2.jpg?v=1614309759", "filter": "blend-functional", "ingredients": "", "handle_2pack": "immunity-fuel-berries-2-pack", "id_2pack": 32143870066782, "handle_4pack": "immunity-fuel-berries-4-pack-1", "id_4pack": 39745975812190, "price_2pack": 6, "price_4pack": 10.80, "price_8pack": 22.5, "availability": true }, "Sleep": { "handle": "sleep", "main_id": 32143802564702, "title": "Sleep", "description": "Get good ZZZs. This sleep-supporting blend promotes relaxation to carry you into 6-8 hours of priceless rest. A gentle wind-down and a healthy night of sleep work to support cognitive function, energy levels, metabolism, and overall wellbeing.", "img": "https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1852/7957/files/ImmunityFuelBB_METAFIELD_WEB_2.jpg?v=1614309759", "filter": "blend-functional", "ingredients": "", "handle_2pack": "immunity-fuel-berries-2-pack", "id_2pack": 32143870066782, "handle_4pack": "immunity-fuel-berries-4-pack-1", "id_4pack": 39745976467550, "price_2pack": 6, "price_4pack": 10.8, "price_8pack": 22.5, "availability": true } }