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Save 15% on These 3 Blend Bundles

3 bundles that fit your daily routine

We’ve curated three, limited-time blend bundles based on the daily routines of three Vejo users. Whether you’re focused on supporting your immune system, revamping your morning routine, or just throwing a new healthy recipe into the mix – we’ve got the bundle for you. Save 15% when you buy one of our limited-time bundles!

Stay Well Bundle

$74.80 (was $88) AS A BUNDLE, SAVE 15%

“Dipping my toe back into work, these immunity essentials have become my go-to for staying healthy. I start every day with an Immunity Fuel blend and end each day with Sleep Tart Cherry to make sure I am fueling my body with all of the vitamins and good rest it needs to keep me healthy. I turn to Banana Almond mid-day to make sure I’m also consuming enough protein to fight off any potential infections.” 

Kristina Schulman @kristinaschulman    

Healthy Summer Recipes Bundle

$81.60 (was $96) AS A BUNDLE, SAVE 15%

“I can’t get enough of these blends! I am super busy having a little one to take care of so blending up a quick Tart Berry, Banana Almond , or Piña Greens keeps me fueled and gives me a great nutrient dense snack! Tastes great and takes little time with minimal cleanup. I’m sure any parent can agree that eating healthy is huge when taking care of little ones. The fun part of these three blends is that they’re great on their own but also lends themselves to adorable, kid-friendly recipes like Tart Berry overnight oats, Piña pops, and Banana Almond Chia Seed Pudding. Leading a healthy lifestyle is the best way to lead by example that nutrition is key. Love my Vejo so much, we use it literally every day!”

Megan Burmeister @meganburm

Morning Start Bundle

$68 (was $80) AS A BUNDLE, SAVE 15%

“These three blends are the ones I reach for most often. I begin my day with the Matcha Oatmilk to get my morning kick start. Immunity Fuel is my go-to for whenever I need some extra vitamin C and love how much zinc it has. Not only is it great for fighting colds, it also helps my skin glow from within. For my daily intake of greens, I go for the Piña Greens which tastes so good that even my kids drink it!” Christine Kong @dailykongfidence