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Smart keeps getting smarter

Your Vejo is always getting better. The firmware that guides how your Vejo works will be regularly updated with new features and improvements.

Firmware version 1.41 | Release date: 03.28.2020

Enhanced battery life

Major improvements to battery life and connectivity with Vejo’s new firmware version VejoOS 1.41 mean that blending up to 30 times on one full charge is now possible, ensuring your Vejo goes even more of the distance than ever before.

Other App features

  • Name your Vejo blender(s) for easy identification, blend tracking and remaining battery information

  • Auto-detects, connects and disconnects your registered Vejo blender(s) to your smartphone via Bluetooth when entering and exiting detection range

  • Receive notifications when a new update is available for your Vejo

  • Reorder blends with a simple tap

  • Track your blend intake

  • Set reminders to take specific blends

  • Learn more about Vejo blends and ingredients

  • FAQs and troubleshooting information at your fingertips