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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vejo and how does it work?

At Vejo our mission is simple – to help you live your best life. In partnership with our team of naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, and expert scientists, we’ve combined science and nutrition to create a comprehensive line of products aimed at helping you feel stronger and more dynamic than you ever thought possible. 

Our flagship product, the Vejo portable pod-based blender, combines accessibility and ease, providing you with nourishment that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. The blender has no buttons to push and activates with a simple lid twist. Just peel the label off of your favorite blend, pop it upside down in the blender, twist the lid and blend. Blending takes only 30 seconds. Charging is wireless and super easy.

Vejo's line of healthy blends are packaged in 100% biodegradable pods, and decompose naturally in the environment.

I Need Help Using My Vejo.  What Can I Do?

From time to time, customers contact us asking for help with their Vejo. The most common issues have to do with charging, overfilling, peeling the protective label off the pod, placing the pod in the blender, and cleaning the device.

Always make sure you properly charge your Vejo before using it. Plug in the black, pod-shaped charging capsule that comes with your Vejo, place the Vejo lid on the charging capsule and allow it to fully charge (the light will turn green when fully charged, usually within 3 hours) before attempting to blend.  For more details, see HOW DO YOU CHARGE THE VEJO? below.

When you make a blend, do not overfill the bottle. Only fill your preferred liquid up to the fill line, just below the inner lip. Before you place a pod in your Vejo, make sure you peel the protective label off the top of the pod.  Pods are always placed top down (i.e. opening down) in the blender.  Do not put pods in the lid.

Once you have made a blend, you can clean your blender base with soap and water and turn over to dry. To clean the lid, simply wipe it off with a wet cloth. Do not put your Vejo in the dishwasher, or submerge it in water.

If you are still having issues, check out the rest of our FAQs or feel free to call our support team at +1.888.476.3634 or send an email to

What is in the Vejo Starter Kit?

Your Starter Kit comes complete with your Vejo + 8 blends, everything you need to get going. Using your Vejo, sample our blends and pick what works best for you! The Starter Kit sample pack includes the following blends: 1 Whey Coffee, 1 Mixed Berry, 1 Pacific Northwest Tart Berry, 1 Piña Greens, 1 Piña Strawberry, 1 Clean Greens, 1 Banana Almond and 1 Earthbar Vanilla Protein.

How many pieces come with the Vejo device?

Vejo comes with several pieces.  The Vejo device itself is comprised of two main components: the base and the lid, which screws onto the base.

When opening your Vejo device for the first time, you will find a charging capsule and power adapter inside when you unscrew and remove the lid of your Vejo from its base.   Remove the charging capsule and power adapter by flipping your Vejo upside down. The USB-C charging cord is boxed beside the Vejo device.

How do you charge the Vejo?

Here's how: 

1. If you’re just getting started, unscrew and remove the lid of your Vejo. Flip your Vejo upside down to remove the charging capsule and power adapter.

2. Insert one end of the USB-C cord into the capsule’s charging port and the other end into the power adapter. Plug into a power socket.

3. Place the Vejo cap directly on top of the charging capsule.

4. The light blinks orange while charging and green when fully charged.

5. Wait 5 seconds before starting to blend.

How many hours does it take to charge the Vejo battery?

It takes about three hours to charge a completely drained lid battery.

Can I use any USB cord/plug to charge the Vejo?

We recommend using only the USB cord and plug supplied to you in your Vejo Starter Kit.

How long does the battery last?

You can expect to get at least four blend cycles out of one charge.

Vejo’s smart lid, which connects via Bluetooth® to the Vejo smartphone app (available on iOS and Android), is always looking to connect to your smartphone. As a result, we always recommend to treat your Vejo lid as you would your smartphone: always place your lid on the charging capsule overnight to ensure you’re equipped with charge and are always ready to blend.

Is there a way to do a battery check throughout the day?

Yes. Take your Vejo lid and flip it upside down. You’ll find a small black circular button inside, next to the larger transparent circle which houses the lens. When you press this button, the light on top of the lid will flash green if the lid is charged, orange if there is still some battery left for a blend cycle, and red if there is not enough charge remaining to complete a blend cycle.

Is Vejo environmentally friendly?

At Vejo, we're committed to environmental responsibility. Vejo was designed with your health - and the planet's - in mind. Our pods are biodegradable, and decompose naturally in the environment.  The Vejo metal bottle can be reused over and over again.

With our reusable bottle and biodegradable pods, Vejo has you, and Mother Earth, covered. In an effort to do even better, water-dissolvable pods are currently in development for launch during 2020!  These new pods are made of a proprietary organic material and literally melt in water.  Zero waste.

How does Vejo's monthly subscription delivery work?

Here's how it works: 

Get your Starter Kit: Sign up for your first delivery to receive your Vejo and a sample pack of 8 blends.

Play favorites: Select the blends that offer the nutrition you need to be your best self.

Become a Vejo subscriber: Have your favorite blends delivered right to your door every month.

Modify anytime: Your subscription, your way – no strings attached! Modify or cancel anytime.

Do I have to sign up for monthly delivery?

Monthly delivery is always optional, but it’s a convenient way to make sure you never run out of your favorite blends. Remember, if you choose to become a Vejo subscriber with a monthly blend subscription:

1. You can modify or cancel at any time

2. You receive a 5% discount on blends

3. Shipping within the US is always free!

What's inside a Vejo blend?

Vejo's Daily blends contain real fruits and vegetables that are picked at peak ripeness and then freeze-dried into a powder. Vejo blends from the Protein, Performance and Functional ranges also include protein powders, herbs, spices, vitamins and minerals. Be sure to review the ingredients and nutrition facts panel for each product before consuming to ensure products meet your needs. You can find a full ingredient list and nutrition facts on both the product insert and online product page.

How does the freeze-dried fruit compare to fresh or frozen fruit?

Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are picked at peak ripeness when the nutrients and flavor are at their max. The freeze-drying process gently removes moisture from the produce, without disrupting the cells, so that the powder retains its original taste, color, and nutritional content when it's rehydrated - that includes fiber! Store-bought produce is normally picked before its prime so that it can ripen during transport. The produce begins to deteriorate and lose its nutritional value once it has been picked.

Are Vejo blends vegan?

While the majority of Vejo blends are plant-based, some blends do contain honey, milk-based products, and/or fish-based products. Be sure to review the ingredients and nutrition facts panel for each product before consuming to ensure products meet your needs. Ingredients and nutrition facts can be found on product inserts, as well as the online product page.

Are Vejo blends gluten-free?

All Vejo blends are gluten-free. We conduct testing to ensure that our blends meet the FDA’s standards for a gluten-free product.

Are Vejo blends certified Kosher?

At this time, Vejo blends do not carry Kosher certification.

Can I add ice to the blender?

Vejo is not designed to handle ice at this time.

Can I add fresh fruit to the blender?

Because Vejo was designed to take the hassle out of conventional blending, it is not equipped to handle fresh fruit or vegetables. We’ve carefully curated our range of blends to maximize convenience and create an on-the-go nutrition solution, reducing mess and waste.

Simply take your Vejo, add water, peel the lid off one of our deliciously nutritious fruit and vegetable, coffee, protein or performance pods, and blend for 30 seconds – enjoy.

What happens if I overfill the Vejo?

To avoid overflow, be sure to fill your Vejo with cold water only to the fill line, just below the inner lip.

Can I place the Vejo in the refrigerator? 

Vejo is not designed to be placed or stored in the refrigerator. Don’t worry about your drink staying cold: Vejo’s insulated base will keep your drink sufficiently cold, but we always recommend consuming your beverage immediately after blending.

Can I pour hot water in the Vejo?

At this time, Vejo is not designed to blend beverages using warm or hot water.

Cleaning your Vejo with warm or hot water, a drop of dish soap and a soft brush is recommended, however.

How do I clean my Vejo?

Rinse your Vejo with a soft brush and a drop of dish soap – and you’re ready for the next blend. Please don’t put your Vejo into the dishwasher.

Which Vejo blends are best for children?

For young children, we recommend any of our fruit- and vegetable-based blends.

Where can I use my Vejo?

Anywhere and everywhere! Designed for maximum portability, your Vejo fits in a gym bag, car cupholder, or travel bag, and is airport security friendly! Use Vejo Lifestyle blends to bridge the gap between meals, and as a healthy, on-the-go snack. Use Vejo's Protein, Performance and Functional blends before or after a workout, or to help you get a good night's sleep.

What is the Vejo smartphone app?

The Vejo app automatically connects with Vejo to track blend intake, and allows you to re-order blends and manage your plan. The app also allows you to learn about the ingredients in each blend and set yourself helpful reminders to take your blends. It's available on iOS and Android - download and start reaching your goals.

What is Vejo+?

A comprehensive nutrition program designed to treat the whole you. With your Vejo+ package, you will receive a care plan and personalized blends based on your individual needs and deficiencies, optimized to help you function at your personal best. Feeling whole and complete has never been so easy, delicious, or convenient.