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Nutrition, Meet Convenience.

Organic fruit smoothies, immune-boosters & more in 30 seconds. Anytime, anywhere.

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The perfect introduction to Vejo. The Vejo Portable Blender Starter Kit comes complete with everything you need to enjoy your Vejo Portable Pod-Based Blender, plus a variety pack consisting of our most popular blends.  Sample them all, then re-order your favorites!

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Vejo Flavor Sampler
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Fall into Fall Flavors Bundle
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Immunity Fuel Blueberry
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Collagen Glow
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Matcha Latte
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Immunity Fuel
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Clean Greens
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Pacific Northwest Tart Berry
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Banana Almond
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Strawberry Banana
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Piña Greens
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Piña Strawberry
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Spiced Chocolate
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Earthbar Chocolate Protein
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Cold Brew Coffee
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Whey Coffee
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Whey Mocha
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Daily Recovery Pineapple
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Sleep Tart Cherry
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Sleep Lemon Tea
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Stress Support
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What's in the box?
Vejo is healthy nutrition delivered in a convenient pod.

Our blends are designed for all of your daily needs, from morning to night.

Choose Pod
Twist & blend
Vejo blends are naturally preserved.

Fresh produce is freeze-dried at the point of harvest, locking in the nutrients.

Vejo pods are
100% biodegradable. 0% waste.
What People Love About Vejo
Clean Greens
"What I love most about the clean greens is that I can get the ease and quickness of a quick juice with the added benefits of the whole food smoothie! As a mom it's so hard to sit myself down and eat a fully balanced meal."
-Crystal S. @evrowellbeauty
Strawberry Banana
"The perfectly blended pick-me-up. A simple pairing and great way to start the day!"
-Stephanie W. @stephanie.whitt.a.ker
Starter Kit
"I can’t express my love enough. The technology is impressive. They’ve put a lot of time, integrity and research into their blends. The pods are biodegradable. But the best part? It’s convenient. As a busy mom with three young boys, this little device makes sense for me. Yes, spiffy and yes, high-quality ingredients, but the biggest draw from me what that it was quick and easy."
-Kendra A. @barrealley
Piña Strawberry
"Sweet and tangy, it's a delicious way to add in some extra vitamin C!"
-Ally C. @allycourtnall
Daily Recovery
"This blend is an essential part of my daily fitness routine. For fighting inflammation, I wouldn't be without it."
-Madi T. @madtev
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Twist and blend.

Nutritious smoothies blended by you, anywhere and everywhere, in just 30 seconds.

30 blends on one charge.

The Vejo battery is fully charged in 3 hours. You can rest assured that wherever and whenever you go, Vejo is ready to go too.

Cup holder, meet blender.

Designed for maximum portability, your Vejo fits in a gym bag, car cup holder, or travel bag, and is airport security approved, too.


The Vejo app (available for iOS and Android) automatically connects you with your Vejo, allowing you to track your intake, re-order blends, learn about our ingredients, and set helpful reminders to take your blends.

Durability that goes
the distance.

Sturdy yet lightweight stainless steel construction with a composite blade to keep you blending day after day. You can also be safe in the knowledge that plastic components are food-grade and BPA-free.

Technical Specs


1.2 lbs


8 oz (7.5 oz to fill line)


8 inches (204.5mm)


2.75 inches (70mm)


3 phase brushless

Motor Volts

9 VDC Rated


7.4VDC - 1000mAh

Wireless Charger

5.5V DC @ 2.0A

Charging Time

approx. 3 hours

Blends per Charge

30 blends