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A holistic approach to wellness and nutrition.


A holistic approach to wellness and nutrition.

The Vejo x KINRGY

Blend Pack

Carefully curated by Julianne Hough alongside Vejo’s team of naturopathic doctors and nutritionists, this unique collection of Vejo blends is designed to nourish, support, and fuel your wellness journey.

What's Inside

Banana Almond

Nourish your body post-class with this delicious, all-organic blend of fruits, vitamins, fiber and natural protein.

Immunity Fuel

Protect and support your body’s essential defense system with this best-selling blend to ensure that nothing gets in the way of your wellness goals.

Daily Recovery

Recover stronger than ever with a robust array of antioxidant compounds that will leave you ready to take on your next class.

Clean Greens

Getting your greens in is easier than ever with this refreshing source of vitamin C and B.

Don’t already have a Vejo blender?

The Vejo x KINRGY Blend 

Pack + Portable Blender

Our doctor-formulated blends are designed to blend exclusively with our portable, pod-based blender, bringing you the simplest, most convenient way to stay healthy, strong, and nourished with the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Get a Vejo blender in Jet Black and start blending!

Discover Vejo

Explore a variety of Vejo blends, from our certified sustainable Tart Berry blend to our mood-boosting Whey Mocha and our functional-favorite: Sleep Tart Cherry.