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A complete guide to the Vejo experience.

Charging your Vejo

Step 1 - connect charger


Connect charger

Insert one end of the USB-C cord into the charging port and the other into the power adapter. Plug into an outlet.

Step 2 - charge Vejo


Charge Vejo

Place cap directly on charging capsule. Light flashes orange while charging and turns solid green when done.

Charged up?

It's time to blend

Step 1 - fill blender


Fill blender

Fill your Vejo with your liquid of choice to the fill line just below the inner lip.

Step 2 - peel and load


Peel & load

Peel back the tab to remove the thin top-seal of the pod. Place the pod upside down into your Vejo.

Step 3 - twist to blend


Twist to blend

Close and twist cap clockwise until it clicks. It will blend automatically for 30 seconds and is done blending when light turns solid green.

Step 4 - ready to drink


Ready to drink

Remove the cap, take out the empty pod and enjoy your blend. Clean your Vejo after every use following the below steps.

Keeping it fresh

For maximum freshness, keep your blends stored in their foil wrapping to minimize exposure to moisture and heat. Blend within 3-5 days of opening the wrapper. All Vejo blends come in biodegradable pods and are shelf-stable for at least 6 months.

Got questions?

We have answers.

Vejo's Smoothie blends contain real fruits and vegetables that are picked at peak ripeness and then freeze-dried into a powder. Vejo blends from the Protein, Coffee & Tea and Functional categories also include protein powders, herbs, spices, vitamins and minerals. Be sure to review the ingredients and nutrition facts panel for each product before consuming to ensure the product meets your needs. You can find a full ingredient list and nutrition facts here.

Vejo’s pods are made of a proprietary 100% plant-based cellulose polymer.

Vejo’s pods are not recyclable but they are compostable! All pods are made from certified compostable materials so you can discard them in your green compost bin if your town has a curbside composting program. While we have not tested our pods for backyard composting, we would love to have you try tossing them in your backyard compost area and let us know how long it takes for your Vejo pod to turn into compost—send us a picture and updates!

Monthly delivery is always optional, but it’s a convenient way to make sure you never run out of your favorite blends.

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  1. Make sure your blender is charged!
  2. Fill up your Vejo with cold water, or another cold liquid of your choice. Make sure to fill up to the fill line!
  3. Peel the lid off your favorite Vejo blend, and place the pod face down into the blender!
  4. Twist the Vejo lid onto your blender until you hear a *click*, at which point the Vejo will begin the 30 second blending cycle.
  5. Once the blending is over, remove the blender lid, the empty pod inside, and enjoy your newest healthy habit!

Our freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are picked at peak ripeness when the nutrients and flavor are at their max. The freeze-drying process gently removes moisture from the produce, without disrupting the cells, so that the powder retains its original taste, color, and nutritional content when it's rehydrated—that includes some fiber! Store-bought produce is normally picked before its prime so that it can ripen during transport. The produce begins to deteriorate and loses its nutritional value once it has been picked.

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How Vejo subscriptions work

Save 25% on your blends each month when you order the customizable Your Vejo Starter Kit 30-blend subscription box. Get free shipping as well as a free 4-pack each month.

Step 1 - get your starter kit

Get your Starter kit

Get to know your Vejo blender and choose the blends that fit your needs.

Step 2 - Customize monthly

Customize monthly

Change and curate your blends to fit your ever-evolving needs.

Step 3 - Adjust, pause, or cancel anytime

Adjust, skip or cancel anytime

We believe that flexibility is a key part of sustaining healthy habits.