Welcome to your newest healthy habit. Getting your daily dose of greens has never been easier.

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Morning Start Bundle

(8 Matcha Latte, 8 Immunity Fuel, 8 Piña Greens)

Morning Start Bundle

Morning Start Bundle

24 Blends

(8 Matcha Latte, 8 Immunity Fuel, 8 Piña Greens)

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The Morning Start Bundle combines antioxidants, vitamin D and an extra dose of greens, giving you everything you need to start every day off right.
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What’s Inside

  • Matcha Latte x8

    It’s not every day that healthy habits are easy to form and difficult to break. Meet your newest healthy habit: Vejo’s Matcha Latte with Oatmilk, pairing organic Japanese matcha with organic oatmilk, and no added sugar. Revamp your morning ritual with a creamy, antioxidant-rich coffee alternative for sustained energy, focus, and ultimate zen. Pairs best with cold water or oatmilk.

    Ingredients: Organic Instant Oat Powder, Organic Matcha, and more.

  • Immunity Fuel x8

    Vejo’s Immunity Fuel was formulated to protect and support your body’s own defenses against daily environmental factors that challenge your immune system. Pairs best with cold water.

    Ingredients: BGF-Immune® Beta-Glucans, Zinc, Vitamins C, D and B6, Mushrooms, Green Tea Extract and more.

  • Piña Greens x8

    A good source of vitamin C and folate, this blend is great for when the whole family needs an extra serving of greens. Pairs best with cold water.

    Ingredients: Organic Mango, Organic Pineapple, Organic Banana, Organic Spinach

Consume after blending. Drink anytime – morning, noon or night.