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Starter Kit - Performance Edition

(2 Pre-workout, 2 Post-workout, 2 Daily Recovery, 2 Sleep Tart Cherry)


All the blends you need to crush your day. From a powerful Pre- and Post-Workout to Daily Recovery Pineapple and Sleep Tart Cherry, we've got you covered.

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What’s Inside

  • Vejo

    The world's first pod-based blender. Bringing you healthy nutrition on the go.
  • Charger

    One charge powers your whole day.
  • Pre-workout

    Formulated for highly active individuals and athletes who want to get the most out of their training sessions. The pre-workout formula is designed to supply you with a blend of nutrients shown to improve sports performance and enhance nervous system function. Take 30-60 minutes before your workout.
  • Post-workout

    Formulated for highly active individuals and athletes looking for an effective way to replenish vital nutrient stores and maximize the recovery process in the post-training window. The post-workout formula is designed to supply you with a broad array of nutrients shown to support the recovery process. Take within 60 minutes of your workout.
  • Daily Recovery Pineapple

    The stresses of modern living, poor diet, and strenuous exercise make recovery a high priority to all of us. This formula is designed to provide you with a robust array of antioxidant compounds known for their safety and efficacy.
  • Sleep Tart Cherry

    Formulated for individuals with occasional difficulties falling or staying asleep, or for those who wake up some mornings feeling unrested.