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Vejo Blends

Whether you're looking for a dose of clean greens, a healthy smoothie, a pre-workout boost, or just a nutritious snack — we've got you covered.


Piña Strawberry

Packed with tropical fruits, this sweet blend will keep your taste buds happy. An excellent source of vitamin C, a good source of dietary fiber, with antioxidants and naturally occurring enzymes, this blend makes for a great snack for the whole family on a Saturday morning hike.

Ingredients: Organic Pineapple, Organic Mango, Organic Banana, Organic Strawberry

Mixed Berry

A delicious berry combination that delivers a slightly sweet and well-rounded flavor, this blend is high in vitamin C and contains antioxidant phytopigments as well as dietary fiber. Perfect for a mid-morning pick-me-up.

Ingredients: Organic Blackberry, Organic Blueberry, Organic Strawberry, Organic Raspberry

Northwest Tart Berry

A tangy varietal made from the Northwest’s premium berries, this limited edition farm-to-pod blend is high in vitamin C and contains free radical-busting anthocyanins. Whether you’re a weekday spin class enthusiast or professional athlete, physically active individuals will want to include this blend in their recovery routine.

Ingredients: Marionberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry

Piña Greens

A good source of vitamin C and folate, this blend is great for when the whole family needs an extra serving of greens. 

Ingredients: Organic Mango, Organic Pineapple, Organic Banana, Organic Spinach

Clean Greens

This herbaceous blend tastes like it was plucked straight from the garden. It features Fuji apple - an excellent source of vitamin C that enhances absorption of iron from the leafy greens. It also contains antioxidants, B vitamins, and the phytopigments chlorophyll and beta-carotene. Ideal for when you crave a healthy, refreshing dose of greens.

Ingredients: Organic Fuji Apple, Organic Cucumber, Organic Spinach, Organic Sea Buckthorn

Banana Almond

This hearty blend will satisfy even the most indulgent banana bread cravings while delivering 7 grams of protein. Plant-based protein, dietary fiber, and healthy fats ensure this banana blend satisfies and satiates. It's great as a post-workout drink, or to bridge the gap between meals.

Ingredients: Organic Almond Protein, Organic Banana, Organic Lucuma, Organic Cinnamon, Natural Almond Flavor, Sea Salt, Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic Cardamom, Organic Stevia Extract


Formulated for highly active individuals and athletes who want to get the most out of their training sessions. This earthy, beet-forward pre-workout formula is designed to supply you with a synergistic blend of nutrients shown to improve sports performance and enhance nervous system function. 


Formulated for highly active individuals and athletes looking for an effective way to replenish vital nutrient stores and maximize the recovery process in the post-training window. This earthy, beet-forward post-workout formula is designed to supply you with a broad array of nutrients shown to support the recovery process.

Whey Coffee

Formulated for the minimalist looking for an effective pre-workout beverage or a functional snack. This Whey Coffee formula is designed to help you meet your protein needs while enhancing your energy, focus, and mood.

Sleep Tart Cherry

Formulated for individuals with difficulties falling or staying asleep, or for those who wake in the morning feeling unrested. This formula is designed to provide nutrients that reduce excitatory neurotransmitters and induce relaxation. Take approximately one hour before bed.

Daily Recovery Pineapple

The stresses of modern living, poor diet, and strenuous exercise make recovery a high priority to all of us. This formula is designed to provide you with a robust array of antioxidant compounds known for their safety and efficacy.

Stress Support

Formulated to replenish vital nutrients to meet the demands of daily living while supporting adrenal function, helping the body positively adapt to stress.

Ingredients: B Vitamins, Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Rhodiola, Eleuthero, Inositol, Magnesium

Immunity Fuel

Vejo’s Immunity Fuel was formulated to protect and support your body’s own defenses against daily environmental factors that challenge your immune system.

Ingredients: BGF-Immune® Beta-Glucans, Zinc, Vitamins C, D, and B6, Mushrooms, Green Tea Extract

Matcha Latte

Pairing organic Japanese matcha with organic oatmilk, and no added sugar. Revamp your morning ritual with a creamy, antioxidant-rich coffee alternative for sustained energy, focus, and ultimate zen.

Ingredients: Organic Oat Powder, Organic Matcha

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"What I love most about the Clean Greens blend is that I can get the ease and quickness of a quick juice with the added benefits of the whole-food smoothie!"

- Crystal S

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"Banana Almond is the perfect smoothie consistency and the added cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla are delicious!!! One of my top favs!!"

- Medina C

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"As a busy mom with three young boys, this little device makes sense for me. Yes, spiffy, and yes, high-quality ingredients, but the biggest draw from me is that it's quick and easy."

- Kendra A

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Revamp your morning ritual with a creamy, antioxidant-rich coffee alternative for sustained energy, focus, and ultimate zen.

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