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Reset and restore

The Vejo 4-Day Cleanse is the ultimate way to renew you — providing the body's organ systems an opportunity to regenerate down to the cellular level in preparation for the remainder of the year, and beyond.

Blends included in the cleanse Blends included in the cleanse

6 Blends/Day x 4 Days

24 Blends: 4 Matcha Latte, 4 Pacific Northwest Tart Berry, 4 Clean Greens, 4 Vita Boost, 4 Banana Almond, 4 Sleep Lemon Tea

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  • Encourages you to develop healthier habits
  • Promotes healthy cell and tissue turnover
  • Supports the achievement of improved body composition
  • Resets the digestive system
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Allows your body to regenerate from its regular routine

Learn about the blends

Matcha Latte

Caffeine without the crazy

Get your day going with this sustained energy boost. L-theanine slows caffeine metabolism for 3-4 hours of steady energy.

1g protein | 0g sugar | 2g dietary fiber | 40 calories

Northwest Tart Berry

Mid-morning snack

A tangy varietal made from the Northwest’s premium berries, this blend is an excellent source of naturally occurring sugars, fiber and vitamin C.

1g protein | 11g sugar | 2g dietary fiber | 100 calories

Clean Greens

Drink your veggies

Get over 50% of your daily vegetable intake in this pod. Clean Greens is another great source of naturally occurring sugars, fiber and B vitamins.

1g protein | 11g sugar | 2g dietary fiber | 80 calories

Vita Boost - Mango Banana

A little self-care

Vita Boost is a multivitamin and mineral combination which supports all aspects of metabolism and ensures your body is equipped to thrive.

0.5g protein | 5.7g sugar | 0.7g dietary fiber | 65 calories

Banana Almond

Fuel up and fill up

Packed with 7 grams of organic almond protein, Banana Almond is the perfect end-of-the-day snack to keep you satisfied.

7g protein | 8g sugar | 4g dietary fiber | 100 calories


Your evening nightcap

Providing sleep-promoting nutraceuticals and protein that support relaxation, Sleep Lemon Tea should be enjoyed 30 minutes before bed.

2g protein | 0g sugar | 4g dietary fiber | 30 calories

Why do a cleanse?

Temporary energy restriction and fasting practices have been used for centuries in many cultures and continue to be practiced today in diversified formats to achieve health benefits. Scientific research asserts that temporary energy restriction may lead to improvements in cardiovascular health, body composition, blood glucose control, and cognitive function.


Water Drops

Drink plenty of clear fluids (plain water, herbal tea) and avoid the consumption of alcohol and excessive caffeine during the cleanse

Person Walking

If you plan to exercise during the Vejo 4-Day Cleanse, it is best to ensure that activity is light while your body adapts to the temporary energy deficit

Vejo Recipes

This cleanse is a form of temporary, very low-calorie fasting. Such energy restriction aims to elicit beneficial health outcomes. However, if you wish to add additional foods during this period, please consider Vejo recipes here

Get started with healther habits today

The Vejo 4-Day Cleanse may promote:

  • Favorable changes in body composition
  • Cell and tissue turnover
  • Digestive system reset
  • Blood sugar regulation

DisclaimerIf you have a health condition of any kind, are pregnant, nursing, are under the age of 18, or elderly, consult your physician to ensure that the Vejo Cleanse Program is right for you. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.