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Build Your Own Box

With Vejo’s customizable Build Your Own Box 30-blend monthly subscription you’re in control. Change and curate your box each month with our box builder.

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Adding, swapping or adjusting your blends each month has never been easier. Load up on your seasonal favorites this month, try new blends the next or sample a new variety every time—the choice is yours.

Subscription Boxes Subscription Boxes
Subscription Boxes Subscription Boxes
Subscription Boxes Subscription Boxes
Subscription Boxes

"Build Your Own Box is perfect for me because I love so many of the blends. I typically blend based on benefit and what my body currently needs."KENDRA ALLEY, Founder of Barre Alley

Perfectly curated

Not sure where to begin? Start with one of our curated subscription boxes and enjoy all the same perks that come along with a Build Your Own Box subscription. Sample a selection of thoughtfully paired blends for your first month and then modify as desired. As always, adjust, skip or cancel anytime.

Subscription Boxes

Healthy Start


30 Blends (15 2-packs): 6 Matcha Latte, 6 Clean Greens, 6 Mood Boost, 6 Cold Brew Coffee, 6 Immunity Fuel Orange

Good days are priceless. Set the tone for your day with our Healthy Start box, curated to kickstart your day with powerful adaptogens, essential vitamins, and antioxidant-rich caffeine from nature.

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Subscription Boxes

Be Well


30 Blends (15 2-packs): 6 Immunity Fuel Orange, 6 Daily Recovery, 6 Tart Berry, 6 Matcha Latte, 6 Sleep Lemon Tea

Curated to provide a solid foundation for a healthy, happy day - each blend in this box works to support an essential part of whole-body wellbeing. Trade stress and low energy levels for more balanced days!

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Subscription Boxes

Family Favorites


30 Blends (15 2-packs): 6 Strawberry Banana, 6 Tropical, 6 Tart Berry, 6 Piña Strawberry, 6 Banana Almond

Build healthy habits with ease! This box is packed with nourishing Vejo essentials bound to please all ages. Fuel up with vitamin-packed blends made with organic ingredients from sustainable farms.

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Save 25% on your blends each month with a customizable subscription box. Subscribing members always get free US shipping!

Step 1 - Get your starter kit

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Build your own box of 30 blends or choose one of Vejo’s curated boxes.

Step 2 - Customize it monthly

Customize it monthly

Change and curate your blends to fit your ever-evolving needs.

Step 3 - Adjust, skip, or cancel anytime

Adjust, pause or cancel anytime

We believe that flexibility is a key part of sustaining healthy habits.

For you, by you

With Vejo’s customizable Build Your Own Box 30-blend monthly subscription you’re in control. Start today with Vejo’s wide variety of blends to cater to your daily needs.

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