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Get Energized With Our Matcha Berry Creamsicle Recipe

Get Energized With Our Matcha Berry Creamsicle Recipe

Our Matcha Berry Creamsicle recipe is a simple and delicious afternoon pick-me-up. Made with just 4 ingredients, this snack will have you feeling like healthy habits are always within reach.

Skip the afternoon slump with a stabilizing buzz from our organic Matcha Latte Blend, a gentle, energizing blend that’s great for all ages and packed with antioxidants. Prep ahead and you’ll have snack time covered for days. 

Matcha and Creamsicles, what heavenly dream team! This recipe has a tangy kick provided by our Pacific Northwest Tart Berry Blend - perfectly balanced by organic oat milk and an excellent source of Vitamin C and naturally occurring enzymes.

Matcha Berry Creamsicles



      1. Using your Vejo blender, add oat milk and the Matcha Latte Vejo blend. Twist the top to blend.
      2. Pour Matcha Latte into popsicle molds, filling them up halfway.
      3. Rinse your Vejo blender, add cold water, and Tart Berry Vejo blend. Twist the top to blend. 
      4. Pour Tart Berry smoothie into the popsicle molds and fill to the top. Freeze popsicles for 3 hours or until fully solid.
      5. Enjoy the delicious, creamy mix of matcha and berries in one lick!
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